Christchurch Court

Christchurch Northampton was established in 1998 to provide high quality brain injury rehabilitation services for adults within a community setting. There are now three Christchurch units in Northampton: Christchurch View, Lloyd House and Abington View. 

VoiceAbility provide a free, confidential advocacy service supporting residents to understand and exercise their rights, to speak up about what they want from their care and to support them to solve issues they might have.

The advocacy provision delivered by VoiceAbility works on a casework basis, with the advocacy activities instructed by the resident, except in circumstances when the resident is unable to do so due to lack of capacity.

When a resident lacks capacity to instruct an advocate, and does not meet the criteria for an Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA), the advocate service will deliver non-instructed advocacy.

The advocacy service ensures that they work towards the patient’s wishes, empowering the patient and remaining issue-focused. Our goal is always to work towards self-advocacy.

Derek's story

One of the residents at Christchurch Court, Derek, wanted to know his rights to leave Christchurch Court as he wants to move into a flat with his girlfriend. The advocate gave Derek information about the different options he could consider. The advocate also explained that Derek had a right to leave as he was not detained under the Mental Health Act. Speaking to the Christchurch Court staff, it was explained that they felt Derek would need support if he was to leave.

Derek was supported to speak to his funders when they attended his review meeting to talk through the options that were avaialble.

We are still working on this case and support Derek in care reviews. He is waiting for a decision, which should be made in the next month or two.

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