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Promote the Vote was a project from the last election, helping people with learning disabilities understand how to vote.

The website, won 2 awards and is still helping people today.

Election gamesWe can use our votes to help decide who will run the country. But it’s not always easy to understand how to vote.

Various council websites explain the options behind voting; proxy voting, voting by post, voting in person, registering for voting... It can get very confusing!

People with learning disabilities have never really been given a tool to support their understanding. This may be one of the reasons why so few votes are given by people with learning disabilities compared with mainstream voters.

VoiceAbility aims to help members of every community learn to use their voice to help themselves. Since we meet lots of other people through our work, we got together with a talented group of young people with learning disabilities to find out how to make voting easier to access.

VoiceAbility’s ‘Promote the Vote’ project worked with over 50 groups to talk about voting and help make it easier to understand. wanted to make an accessible website that was available for everyone. was created to help explain all about voting.

Easy to understand instructions are given to explain why people might want to vote, how they can register to vote and what they do on election day.

Each page is clearly laid out and has an accompanying video, ensuring that everyone can use the website. There are also some practical examples that you can try to help try out your voting skills. won 2 awards:

Access-IT 2009 Good Practice Award
Radar’s Doing Access Differently Award

Winning the Radar AwardRadar LogoAward speeches

Promote the Vote was run by VoiceAbility, and funded by the Electoral Commission.

You can read our final report about the Promote the Vote project here.

If you have any suggestions, or comments about the Promote the Vote website, please contact us on the details below.

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