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The Fens

The Speak Out Leader for the Fens is Michelle Mansfield. In this video she explains about her job

Have your say!

  Michelle's drop ins take place at Eddie's Artworks.

  These are at their services on 88 High Street, March, PE15 9LD

On the second Tuesday of every month..

 From 11am - 12 midday.

      Or you can email her any issues at speakoutcouncil@voiceability.org                                                                                                                                     

Who do we work with?

Michelle works closely with schools, services and other places that are in the Fenland District. As well as staff from the County Council, the NHS and police who work in the area. Here are some of the places below. If you'd like us to add you to our list let us know at speakoutcouncil@voiceability.org



Speak Out Spotlight

Live in the Fens and have something to say? Let us know and we'll fill this space.

The Fenland Explorers blog have produced a guide to services in their area you can download it here!