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Speak Out Hampshire

We are a group of people who have learning disabilities and who live in Hampshire. 

We meet regularly, usually once a month online or in person.

In these meetings we talk about things that are important to people with learning disabilities. 

We involve people with learning disabilities in the local learning disability partnership, so that their views are heard in decisions that the local council and partners are making.

Creating an accessible website for Hampshire

We worked with Hampshire Learning Disability Partnership to make a new website. 

This website has been specially made for people with learning disabilities, by the self-advocates that support learning disability partnership. 

It is in Easy Read and it can talk through what is on the website.

It lets everyone keep up to date with what the working groups talk about, and the projects they are focused on.

It also says what the Hampshire Learning Disability Partnership are doing. 

Hampshire Learning Disability Partnership website

Leon, Trish and Fahima at an event to launch the new website

Visiting Parliament

In 2022 we went to Parliament.

We talked to Mark Harper MP at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Learning Disabilities at Westminster.

We spoke about the struggles that people in care homes have in getting the right support. They have a right to go socialising, out and about, but they often can’t because of a lack of staff.

That upsets me because people with learning disabilities in care homes have rights too. They should be able to do whatever they want to do – like I can.

Richard, a self-advocate in Hampshire

Neil from Speak Out Council, Cambridgeshire; Richard from Speak Out Hampshire; Kweku, a member of People First in Waltham Forest, London; Michelle from Speak Out Lincolnshire.

Get involved

Do you live in Hampshire?

Do you have learning disabilities?

Do you want to help us make positive change happen in Hampshire?

You can get in touch with VoiceAbility to find out more about our events and our work.

You can email us at

You can phone us for free on 0300 303 1660.