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Government departments and professional bodies

We work with government departments and professional bodies to create resources, support research and provide expert guidance.

We’re experienced in supporting government departments and professional bodies to understand the views and experiences of our clients and their carers.

We do this by

  • delivering services, such as lay advocacy or specialist facilitation
  • developing and delivering pilots for new types of service
  • creating resources
  • producing good practice guidance
  • supporting research
  • working with hard-to-reach groups to deliver effective evidence to inform policy and practice
  • producing accessible resources, such as Easy Read documents

In most cases we work in partnership with clients and carers to influence, produce and and deliver this work.

For example, in recent years we have worked with NHS England & Improvement, the Department for Health and Social Care, The Local Government Association, the Care Quality Commission, SCIE, TLAP and the National Development Team for inclusion (NDTi).

The expert VoiceAbility team have produced a thoroughly practical resource which I urge advocates and health and social care professionals to read.

Dave Gerrard, STOMP Pharmacist Lead for NHS England’s Learning Disability Programme