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Advocacy referral forms

Please use our online referral form to make referrals if you can. Alternatively, download a form from this page to return by post or email. 

If you want support for yourself, you don’t have to fill in a form. Simply contact us and tell us about your issue.

Where to send your completed form

By email

If you are making a referral from Warwickshire, Coventry or a prison in Doncaster, you must follow the additional notes below to make sure your email is secure.

By post
We will be able to process a referral and offer support much more quickly if you email us, but if you are unable to email, you can post the form to: VoiceAbility, c/​o Sayer Vincent, Invicta House, 108-114 Golden Lane, London, EC1Y 0TL

Remember you can also call us for free on 0300 303 1660 to make a referral too.

Warwickshire and Coventry: Approved secure email referral routes
Email from a CJSM account to or email to via a secure method, for example the following are acceptable if you have access to one of these:

  • Sophos email (available to Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership NHS Trust staff)
  • Egress email (available to Warwickshire County Council staff)
  • email (available to Coventry City Council staff)

For data security reasons, do not email referral forms unless you are using a secure method, even if you password protect documents. If you do not have access to a secure email or you prefer to call us, please phone 0300 303 1660 to make the referral instead of completing the form. It is essential that we keep people’s data secure. Please remember that it is your responsibility to send information to us securely. 

Doncaster: Approved secure referral routes from prisons
Health Care Representatives: Please hand in to the Head of Health Care, care of the Health Care Department

Professionals: Email the form to the secure email address or password protect the form and email it to