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I trust you. After your visit I felt pretty good. You allowed me to express myself. You’ve got a special skill.

Chinelo, who used our services

When there are decisions to make about where you live or the care and support you get, an advocate can help make sure that adults ask you what you want and listen to you.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is an independent professional who is on your side. Advocates support you to have your say and make your own choices. Your advocate can help if you have a problem or you are not being listened to.

Advocates don’t work for the council, the NHS or care providers. You don’t need to pay for an advocate.

What does an advocate do?

An advocate will:

  • help you understand what’s happening
  • help you say what you want and don’t want
  • explain your options and your rights
  • plan with you about what to do next
  • come to meetings with you, if you want
  • talk to other people for you, if you want
  • help you tell other people when things aren’t fair

Can I get an advocate?

There are rules about who can get an advocate and when. If you have a social worker, you may have the right to an advocate. To check if you can get an advocate, ask your social worker or healthcare professional, or contact us.

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