About us

VoiceAbility supports people who face disadvantage or discrimination to have a voice that counts. We provide free and independent advocacy and user involvement services.

VoiceAbility Chair, Peter LetleyThroughout my life I have seen that having a voice is the difference between being in control and being ignored. VoiceAbility ensures that people are supported to have control over their lives.

We have pioneered ways of enabling people to be heard and have their rights respected. These have ranged from the creation of local Parliaments run by people with learning disabilities, to driving the introduction of statutory advocacy services that help people with the highest support needs who are facing the most critical decisions. We have developed excellent services and as a result have become one of the largest advocacy providers in the UK.

We continue to develop our services, finding new ways to ensure that everyone has their rights and choices respected. I do hope you enjoy finding out more about us on our site.

Jonathan Senker, Chief Executive

Who we work with

VoiceAbility is recognised for its outstanding advocacy and service user involvement groups, which are offered in many local authorities across England. 

We offer a wide range of services for those who have mental health needs, learning disabilities, dementia, autistic spectrum disorders, physical disabilities, sensory and communication impairments, substance misuse issues, acquired brain injury, a serious physical illness or a dual diagnosis.

We also work with Looked After Children, young people, adults, older people, carers, parents, families and people in the criminal justice system.

Our Mission

Our mission is strengthening voice, supporting rights, changing lives

Our Vision

Our vision is of a society in which everyone's voice, views and hopes can be heard loudly and clearly, in which our rights are understood and respected, and in which each of us is able to lead a full and enjoyable life.

Our Aims

To support everyone to have:

  • The right to be heard and respected.
  • The right to the same choice, control and freedom as any other person.
  • The right to be safe from violence or abuse.

To strengthen our ability to achieve these rights.

Our Values

Our values are: Passionate, Empowering, Collaborative, Honest and Resourceful.

Our values unite us. They are the qualities we demonstrate when we are at work and that we look for in new colleagues.


We’re dedicated to strengthening voice, supporting rights and changing lives.

Because we are passionate we:

  • Are committed to delivering high quality support.
  • Make what we offer accessible to all.
  • Work with policy-makers to safeguard and strengthen people’s rights.


We enable people to live life to the full.

Because we are empowering we:

  • Support people to speak up for themselves and grow in confidence.
  • Equip people to understand and exercise their rights.
  • Treat people as individuals with their own unique strengths.


We listen and shape decisions with others.

Because we are collaborative we:

  • Involve people we support in shaping our organisation and what we do.
  • Are easy to talk to, considerate and constructive.
  • Ask for and respond to feedback so that we can improve.


We work with integrity and we stick to our principles.

Because we are honest we:

  • Mean what we say and do what we promise.
  • Make everything clear and transparent.
  • Maintain independence, confidentiality and professionalism.


We think ahead and find effective ways to achieve our mission.

Because we are resourceful we:

  • Focus on solutions.
  • Try out new ideas.
  • Achieve the most we can with the resources we have.