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About advocacy — EASY READ

How we can support you with benefits

Getting support to apply for benefits 

Benefits are money some people can get when they need help to pay for things.

Things like:

● housing

● support with shopping, washing and dressing

● extra things you might need to buy because you are disabled

It can be confusing and hard work applying for benefits.

If you are disabled you can get free support from an advocate to apply for benefits.

An advocate is someone who will:

● help you to understand what benefits you can get and how to ask for them

● support you to speak up for yourself

Or if you agree, they will speak to other people for you.

Our advocates are independent

This means they do not work for Social Security Scotland or the government.

What an advocate can help you with:

When you apply for benefits an advocate will:

● listen to you and be on your side

● help you to understand information about your rights

● talk to you about what choices you have

● help you to ask any questions and make sure you are listened to

● make sure you are involved in all decisions about your benefits

● help you to tell people what you want to happen

They can also speak up for you if you do not want to do it yourself.

● help you from the start when you apply for benefits

Your advocate will keep helping until a final decision has been made about whether you can get the benefit.

Things an advocate cannot do

● give you advice about going to court or anything to do with the law

● make decisions for you or tell you what to do

● decide who gets benefits

Contact us

If you want support from an advocate or have any questions contact us.

We are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

Phone us:
0300 303 1660

It is free to phone us.

Email us:

Our website has lots of information about how we can help you.

Our website:

Or you can phone Social Security Scotland and ask them about advocacy.

0800 182 2222

It is free to phone them.