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New Head of Policy, Public Affairs and Communications

24 June 2020

After 12 years of fantastic work influencing policy and legislation, supporting VoiceAbility to make sure that people’s voices are heard wherever it matters most, our Head of Policy, Phillippa Ashcroft is moving on.

It’s no exaggeration to say that there are hundreds of thousands of disabled people and carers throughout England whose lives are different as a result of Phillippa’s work while at VoiceAbility, including on the Care Act. Chief Executive, Jonathan Senker commented:

I have greatly enjoyed working alongside Phillippa. I have been constantly inspired by her insight, dedication and her effectiveness in working jointly with people and organisations who share our values. This has been a huge asset in our work to bring greater fairness to our country’s laws and their application.” 

With the uncertainties and change brought on by the pandemic, the need for VoiceAbility to influence legislation, policy and how it affects people’s lives is greater than ever before. Achieving this will enable more people to be heard and so we have increased our investment in this. 

To support us in achieving these aims, we have created a new role to lead our influencing work and integrate it with our communications. We are delighted that Charlotte Gill will be joining us as our Head of Policy, Public Affairs and Communications in early July. Charlotte brings an extremely strong background in championing human rights through policy, campaigning and public affairs.