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We’ve got a new look!

28 May 2020

VoiceAbility has a new brand and website, with a new design and simpler language. We’ve also improved our referral forms and added an online referral option.

The changes make our information clearer and referrals easier, so we can better support people.

The support we offer hasn’t changed and our team hasn’t changed. We still have the same contact details and our advocates will continue to support people as before.

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What about our Total Voice services?

In some areas of the country we offer services under the label Total Voice’. We are reducing the number of services with this name, because people have told us the extra label can be confusing.

These Total Voice services will now be known as VoiceAbility services

  • Total Voice Cambridgeshire and Peterborough
  • Total Voice Sunderland
  • Total Voice Northamptonshire

These services are keeping their Total Voice name but adopting the rest of our new branding

  • Total Voice Staffordshire
  • Total Voice Suffolk
  • Total Voice Lincolnshire