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Speak Out Cambridgeshire: helpful schemes and services

Safe Places scheme

The Safe Places scheme runs across Cambridgeshire, where local businesses and shops offer temporary refuge to vulnerable people in need.

The national website is or free App directs you to the nearest open Safe Place.

Businesses also display stickers in their windows to show they are part of the scheme and a safe place for anyone feeling threatened or anxious.

A person needing help shows their stay safe card to a member of staff who will help them call the emergency contact on the card – or the local police or safeguarding service. The card tells people exactly what to do to help the person. This includes their name, the contact details of the person they need to get in touch with, and what to do if you cannot get hold of them.

Speak Out Cambridgeshire is always looking for volunteers to help find good businesses and shops to become part of the scheme, and to keep in touch to make sure the scheme is working well. We’d also love to hear from organisations who’d like to become a safe place.

The website has lots of really good free resources about keeping safe, hate crime and mate crime. Anyone in Cambridgeshire can use this by registering for a free account.

Pegasus scheme

Pegasus is a free service for people who can find it hard to communicate with the police.

You register on a form by telling them your name, address and details about how you prefer to communicate

They will keep your details safe on a secure database

Once registered they will send you a Pegasus’ card

You will be given a unique Pegasus’ PIN. This number will be printed on the back of the card

To find out more in Cambridge go to: Pegasus scheme (

The Cambridgeshire Handyperson Service

You can get help to prevent falls and accidents at home, so you can remain living independently.

Disability equipment and adaptations fitted

Assistance with hospital discharge

Find out more.

Technology enabled care

The Technology Enabled Care (TEC) team provides guidance, training, and advice to people and professionals.

They can lend you assistive technology to support your independence and safety.

Find out more.