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Speak Out Cambridgeshire: Meet the team

Anne Hunt

Speak Out Leader for Fenland

I go to day opportunities in my area and speak to people about various subjects such as what is going well and what isn’t.

I attend Learning Disability Partnership Board meetings and share my news about what I have done with the Speak Out Council.

I really enjoy colouring in as I find it relaxing and fun

Bill Jones

Speak Out Leader for Cambridge City and South Cambs and Co-Leader for Health

I’m the Speak Out Leader for Cambridge City and South Cambs so I speak to people with a learning disability and/​or autism in those areas about all sorts of things such as health, transport and safeguarding.

I’m a big LEGO person and love to build different things with it such as pyramids, dogs and lamp stands as well as making the sets.

Neil Adams

Speak Out Leader for Young People

My job is to listen to young people with a learning disability and/​or autism. I help them to get their voices heard. I feed information back to Cambridgeshire County Council and other organisations that can make a difference.

I go to Karate and I go to Barnardo’s in St Ives where I work.

Sean Nightingale,

Speak Out Leader for Hunts and East Cambs and Co-Leader for Health

I speak out for people and self-advocate for people in my area.

I’m a friendly and chatty person – I enjoy meeting people.

Russell Henke

Speak Out Leader for High Support Needs

I run the High Support Needs Committee. I am happy for people to understand me and to be able to tell people what I want. I like helping other people to do this.

I enjoy going out for meals, and getting on the train and bus to visit places for a cup of tea.