London Borough of Camden

In the London Boroughs of Camden we offer several services. You can find a summary of these below.

Click on any of the links to take you to the service. You will find information about the particular service and how to contact the teams.

Have you used mental health, drug or alcohol services in Camden? Do you want to use your experiences to improve services for others? There are lots of ways to make mental health and drug and alcohol services better for others, including Coming to weekly drop-in social opportunities to support your peers and find out what’s happening in the area Attending monthly forums to hear from service providers and feed back to them Getting involved in more strategic opportunities, or peer delivered services.

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To us, the term ‘Mentoring’ describes a relationship supporting someone through their personal recovery.  It is about encouraging and PRACTICALLY supporting someone to make the most of themselves and this opportunity. Mentoring is about developing mutual trust and respect.  It is a two-way relationship; you both get the chance to learn new things and help each other. The Mentor and the Mentee benefit from personal development.  Mentors have lots of life experiences that mentees can learn from and vice versa.  It is also a great way for mentees to develop and improve communication and goal planning skills and for mentors to learn and gain more skills.

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